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Woman Alone in Forest



Inspired by nature to inspire you.

Indigo Forest Designs was the unintentional creation of an overwhelmed, and stressed healthcare worker in search of an escape and a creative outlet. This has been so much more than jewelry, for me it has been a journey of personal growth, unexpected adventures, new friendships, and finding self love. 

A lover of fashion, especially jewelry. I saw a need for quality fashion jewelry that is not only affordable but also unique and meaningful. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of natural wood grain. Memories hidden in every layer, a tree's story is seen in every stripe, knot, and curl of the wood grain. There is something warm and comforting that is felt when you see it. I saw wood jewelry as the perfect way to share my message.


Inspired by nature to inspire you. Designed with purpose, I pour my heart and soul into each handcrafted piece that I create. It is my goal to create wearable connections to nature that encourage positivity, imagination, and a sense of community.  Jewelry that inspires women to feel beautiful, confident, and connected to one another. Thank you for being a part of my journey.


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